My Story

I grew up in outback Western Australia in a small mining town of Laverton, as a young teenager I moved to the Perth to start high school. I started writing to improve my English in high school as I had suffered a head injury at nine years old and had difficulty with reading and writing.  Exploring creativity with words and poetry helped me to develop my writing skills and to keep up with my peers, but also allowed me to find words to explain how I felt and communicate better with others. After a few years and some inspirational mentoring, I developed a passion for writing that went beyond just improving my knowledge to discovering I had the ability to impart a message and a feeling to those who read my stories, to inspire others. I wrote every day and pored myself into these stories and poems.

We all grow up and when I left school for that first job things changed, and the writing took a back seat to “getting on with life”, I left the day dreaming behind went to university and studied History and Politics and went to work. It wasn’t until many years later that I rediscovered the creative side of my writing.

In the workplace I wrote technical manuals, policy guidelines and procedures as well as training and high-risk materials for industrial safety. I poured myself over tender documents and never really left writing – only never touched the creative side.

It occurred to me at some point that I needed to re-connect with that creative side again and after a twenty-year break from my imagination I dived in with Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. I started on a novel during those years and when I graduated put it on the shelf in favour a post grad in Journalism. My writing changed from technical to content and here I developed a softer conversational style. I started editing eBooks and writing content for websites, producing blogs and articles for business publications. I developed websites and built content.

I have recently enrolled in another post-grad in Marketing, but this time I am brushing the dust of the novel in the shoe box and finishing it as well. I love writing and mentoring others in the art of writing ­– whether it’s a short light content article, procedure manual, or a full length novel each piece explores and touches on an aspect of writing I am passionate about, how to impart the meaning to another person.


Kellie Watson

Writer & Editor

Next Steps...

Whether  you want a simple blog post, an ongoing series of articles, or even mentoring with a novel, no project is to small or big.