Ghost Writing

I can offer a specialist writing service for those requiring a polished written product but don’t have the time or resources to write it themselves. As a ghost-writer, I can be listed somewhere in the document as a co-author or on the acknowledgments page, but upon completion the I will normally transfer all rights of publication to the commissioning party.

Outsourcing to a ghost-writer makes sense especially for projects that typically take three to six months to complete. Ghost-writing requires that both the writer and individuals involved in commissioning the work develop a close team partnership, this will normally start with a series of interviews.

I have years of experience interviewing and researching for written projects, hold degrees in Creative writing and Journalism and History, and am a professional Business and Creative writer.

Depending on your requirements I can cover offer the following:


Business Documentation

Businesses will sometimes employ ghost-writers to produce documentation such as procedure manuals and corporate policy documents. I have over fifteen years’ experience writing a wide range business documentation that includes:

  • user manuals
  • spare parts policies
  • occupational safety and health
  • work WHS
  • quick guides
  • training guides
  • learning aids
  • workshop repair procedures
  • maintenance scheduling
  • editing services
  • job safety analysis (JSA) and job safety environmental analysis (JSEA)
  • reports and proposals
  • fact sheets
  • posters, labels and brochures.

Policy and Procedure Documentation includes:

  • standard operating procedures
  • safe work procedures
  • standard work instructions
  • standard work practices.


Corporate History

Celebrating an anniversary or a big change in your company and want to document the company history. I can provide a fully researched and illustrated company history to your specifications. Company histories can provide readers with a deep sense of culture and celebrate both past successes and tenacity in difficult times. It can show development and growth into new markets and highlight key employees who contributed to its success.

Archiving the company history also provides the opportunity to begin to record and maintain important information as your company grows allowing the story to be easily updated in the future. I can help with information management offering solutions that best suit you when cataloguing important records into the future.


Personal Memoirs, Biographies and Family History

Do you have a experiences in your life you wish to record for your family or friends? Whether it is a memoir or biography? I can help make this a reality by working closely with you to write your family history.

The process begins with a series of interviews and research before writing and requires a close working relationship with the commissioning person and the Ghost-writer.

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